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    Wed, Mar 29

    FwydChickn narrates what he knows about Yawi controversy

    Jan 3, 2023

    WITH TRISTAN “YAWI” CABRERA’s alleged flirting scandal making waves, Peter Bryce "Basic” Lozano’s teammate in North American Mobile Legends squad The Valley, Ian “FwydChickn” Hohl, gave more context about the situation.

    In his recent livestream, Hohl started with how the team ended up in Indonesia and how they encountered the girl "yawii" was said to be hitting on. (You can view the discussion yourself starting from the 50th minute onwards.)

    “We were looking for a place to stay and there were eight of us and basically essentially...they kinda did the math and summarized that it would cost around $700 each person to stay in Indo for like a month leading into M4,” started Chickn.

    “But Basic knew a girl. She was a university student and she was studying in the US. She’s from Indonesia and she’s got money. Ok? She’s pretty well-off, her family is. Her name is Carol and Carol says she is a big ML fan and that she’ll let us stay at her place for free. We pay our own food, but she and Basic let us stay at her place for free.”


      Yawi arrives

      Eventually, the other M4 representatives made their way to Indonesia. Since Yawi and Basic are close friends, they often hanged out, alongside Carol.

      “We come to Indo, we stay at her place...Time skip to two weeks, I went out with them once, then one time they went out without me and they met up with Yawi and everything was good and fun...They go out a few days later, Yawi is there too. Yawi gets her Instagram,” continued Hohl.


      Initially, everything seemed fine, until Carol told Basic about Yawi's interactions with her.

      “Fast forward a few days later, Carol messages Basic that Yawi has been messaging her in DMs the past three days, trying to get her to f*ck, or have sex and sh*t,” revealed The Valley’s EXP laner.

      “She even asked him, ‘Don’t you have a girlfriend all over your Instagram?’ Carol asked him that and he said, ‘No! That’s not my girlfriend, I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ Basically, Yawi denied having a girlfriend even though half of his Instagram was covered with pictures of his girlfriend.”

      FwydChickn went on, “Basic was pissed with Yawi and we all would be rightfully annoyed because we all owe Carol a favor. Plus Basic was the closest with Yawi.”

      An angry Basic confronted Yawi, telling him that he needs to reveal everything to his current girlfriend, otherwise he would face dire consequences.


        Basic releases screenshots

        “Basic told Yawi, ‘Yo! You got to admit to your girlfriend, your volleyball pro player girlfriend that what you did and I’ll forgive you. Then everything is square.’ He wouldn’t post anything, he wouldn’t share anything if Yawi admitted to his girlfriend.”

        Yawi did contact his girlfriend but according to Hohl, Basic discovered that Yawi lied to her. Eventually, according to FwydChikn, both Carol and Yawi’s girlfriend told Basic to publicly release the screenshots.

        “Yawi’s girlfriend, pro player or pro volleyball player, messaged Basic saying that, ‘Yawi told her that Carol wanted to have sex with him, not the other way around.' So then Basic told her the real story and she was furious and then she told Basic that she wanted to release the pictures and Carol also wanted too because he basically tried to f*ck her.”

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        Hohl added: “So then Basic decided, okay, both of the girls wanted me to release it, then I’m now going to release it and he did it in New Year’s.”

        While some fans argued that Basic is basically betraying his pal, FwydChickn defended his teammate, saying that Lozano had given Cabrera every possible chance.

        “So, if it was really an impulsive snitch thing, he could’ve done it over a week ago, when it actually happened, but Basic gave Yawi a chance..." he explained. "He gave him a chance to apologize to his girlfriend, not only did Yawi lie about it to his girlfriend but he also never apologized to Carol and he never apologized to Basic and he pretended like it never happened.”

        Hohl emphasized: “Basic was being really generous with Yawi, really really generous!”

        But in the end of the discussions, Chickn had a massive disclaimer.

        “I hold nothing accountable for any of this because I wasn’t there that night. I’m not saying I know anything more than beyond what I was told and shown proof of. There could be more details that I don’t know about.”

        He added: “Anything I said right now that isn’t in those screenshots is just what I said or heard, like I don’t want to say something be completely wrong about it.”

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