How the PS5 will simulate fatigue on NBA 2K21 — by messing with your controller

Oct 18, 2020
PHOTO: 2K Sports

ONE of the banner new features of the upcoming PlayStation 5 is haptic feedback. Going far beyond basic rumble, the console will send signals to the DualSense controller to give more advanced touch-based feedback to the player, based on what’s going on onscreen.

In NBA 2K21, the game will attempt to simulate how tired your player is by adding resistance to your triggers. Basically, the more fatigued your character, the harder it will be to press the Sprint trigger.

This mechanic will also apply to posting up. When backing down against your opponent on the paint, and you’re facing off against someone like Anthony Davis, it will be harder to pull the L2 trigger to force your way down the post.

You’ll also get more accurate, localized rumble when colliding with other players.

Other next-gen features include better dribbling. “The aspect of dribble movement that excites me the most is the predictability and consistency of it,” said game director Mike Wang on the 2K Blog.

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He added: “It’s much easier to go exactly where you want on the floor, and in the manner that you’d expect to get there. No unwanted turns or having your player face the wrong way. No bursting up to speed or failed cuts. It just works.”

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Defense and off-ball movement have also been reworked.

The next-gen versions of NBA 2K21 will be released in November.

Watch the video below for our comparison of the current-gen and the PS5 versions of the game.

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PHOTO: 2K Sports
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