How the Philippine price of the PS5 compares around the globe

Nov 12, 2020

WITH the Philippine price of the PlayStation 5 now revealed, we thought it would be interesting to look at how it ranks in the globally announced prices for the brand new console when it launches this holiday and beyond.


Import, shipping, and other economic factors often determine the differing prices of a global commodity. Inevitably, it will be more expensive in some countries, and less expensive in others.

It turns out that in terms of absolute price value, the Philippines will have one of the more expensive PS5 prices on the planet.

Our PS5 price of P27,990, however, is nothing compared to Mexico and Indonesia. The two countries top the list of most expensive console prices at, respectively, MXN 13,999 or almost P33,000, and IDR 8.799 million, or almost P30,300.

The cheapest PS5s can be found in the United States, Canada, and Japan.

Here’s the list of global PS5 prices, arranged in order of most expensive (in Philippine pesos, converted on 12 November, 2:30pm) to least. Because Sony Interactive Entertainment has not yet announced if the cheaper PS5 digital edition will be released here, we did not factor in the cost of that unit. However, we still put the separate country price for reference.

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Mexico, release date: November 12
MXN 13,999 (P32,917.67), Digital Edition: MXN 11,499

Indonesia, release date: January 22
IDR 8,799,000 (P30,281.55), Digital Edition: IDR 7,299,000

United Kingdom, release date: November 19
£449.99 (P28,773.88), Digital Edition: £359.99

European Union, release date: November 19
€499.99 (P28,512.18), Digital Edition: €399.99

Philippines, release date: December 11
P27,990, Digital Edition: None announced

New Zealand, release date: November 12
NZD 819.95 (P27,290.77), Digital Edition: NZD 649.95

Taiwan, release date: November 19
NTD 15,980 (P27,162.22), Digital Edition: NTD 12,980

Malaysia, release date: December 11
RM 2,299 (P26,956.48), Digital Edition: RM 1,869

Australia, release date: November 12
AUD 749.95 (P26,398.88), Digital Edition: AUD 599.95

Singapore, release date: November 19
SGD 729 (P26,181.54), Digital Edition: SGD 599

Hong Kong, release date: November 19
HKD 3,980 (P24,889.17), Digital Edition: HKD 3,180

United States, release date: November 12
$499.99 (P24,237.02), Digital Edition: $399.99

Canada, release date: November 12
CAD 629.99 (P23,325.20), Digital Edition: CAD 499.99

Japan, release date: November 12
¥49,980 (P23,034.06), Digital Edition: ¥39,980

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