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    Mon, Dec 5

    TWIN Pinoy teams OMEGA Esports and Bren Esports are looking unstoppable with two perfect runs in M2's first two days.

    These articles originally appeared in ONE Esports, and are reprinted here with permission.

    OMEGA: Cruising to the finish

    Omega Esports is considered one of the best MLBB teams in Southeast Asia, so many were disappointed to see them eliminated early on at last year’s ONE Esports MPL Invitational.


    However, the boys in blue and green enter this year’s M2 World Championship with two things in mind: prove the doubters wrong and play to the best of their abilities on the world stage.

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    So far, so good. After one day of competition, Omega leads Group B with a stellar 4 – 0 performance and 2-0 sweeps over MPL SG/MY S6 champion Todak and Cambodia’s Impunity KH.

    According to Omega Esports coach Steven Vitug, he and the players promised to do their best after a lackluster performance at the MPL Invitational. “I just told them don’t lose hope and we just have to study more on the current meta and always be prepared to be surprised by strategies from our opponents,” Vitug told ONE Esports.

    “We want to show everyone that we have the capability to play at a world-class level,” he added.

    To start the day, Omega faced Todak, who were initially the favourite to win it all in Group B. However, Omega were able to make quick work of Todak in the first game, with a 20-3 beating thanks to their crowd control-focused lineup.


    It was the same story in the second game as the dynamic duo of Heath’s Jawhead and Hadjizy’s Yi-Sun Shin made it difficult for Todak to even up the series and force a decider.

    They had no difficulty as well in their second match against Impunity KH. They won the first game with a 13-3 kill record while they steamrolled in the second game with a whopping 21-4 kill advantage.

    With the two wins, Omega Esports has secured a berth in the upper bracket and are one step closer to winning it all in the tournament.

    “The team is happy right now but I think they are still nervous because of the adrenaline,” Vitug quipped.


    Bren: Putting the chill on 10S Gaming Frost

    Bren Esports’ first match was a solid victory against 10S Gaming Frost. While 10S did their best with flashy compositions like Chou, Ling, and Yu Zhong, Bren easily saw through their blind picks and countered them by utilizing their favorite duo of Pharsa and Lapu Lapu.

    KarlTzy may be seen as the team’s go-to hypercarry, but Bren captain Pheww and his sniping Pharsa had a hold on the early-game phase, earning MVP with a KDA of 6/2/10.

    “It wasn’t really intentional for me to take the kills because it was really meant for KarlTzy,” said Pheww. “I was just last-hitting the kills because it’s a tournament and all kills should be secured, regardless of who takes them. In an effort to stop them from escaping, I found it as a way to also dominate.”

    Heading into game two, Bren drafted a squishy tri-mage composition with Kaja, Mathilda, and Pharsa. Though 10S fielded an in-meta composition of Khaleed and Benedetta, Bren Esports opted for quick and aggressive skirmishes to take the lead.


    When asked about this big risk in gameplay, Pheww believed in his Mathilda pick and knew that her shields could sustain his entire team throughout the early-game fights.

    10S may have taken some hard hits from Bren in the series, but Pheww respected what kind of strategies they were implementing and saw them as a team that could do well in the near future.

    “For me, they’re already a strong team, but they lack the international experience,” stated Pheww in the post-game interview. “They’re still a bit behind in the meta and how they play the game in general.”


    Bren: Alter Ego revenge

    With one match in the bag, the PH team went on to face MPL ID team Alter Ego. The two teams last met in the MPL Invitational last November, where AE convincingly swept Bren in the grand final.

    The MPLI might have left a bitter taste in the mouths of the Bren players, but Pheww saw it as growing pains to become the best international team. Aside from perfecting in-game mechanics and team play, the team also focused on maintaining a winning mindset and having enough sleep before important matches.

    With fellow PH team Omega coming through with a perfect run in Group B, the Bren captain wanted to share the fate as them and bring another PH representative to the next round.

    “We’re pretty confident with our match against Alter Ego,” confirmed Pheww. “Since they’re the ones that we’ve prepared for in M2, we’re looking to show them the best of Bren once more.”


    Down to the last game of the day, Bren Esports looked ready to avenge themselves against their newfound rivals. With Yam substituting for AE’s star captain Ahmad, the black and yellow team just had to stick to their usual playstyle to conquer the series.

    The first game featured some hot picks from both teams with Celiboy on Ling and KarlTzy on his lesser-known Claude. FlapTzy eventually became a momentary highlight of the game with his impressive all-defensive Benedetta that sported tank items like Queen’s Wings and Brute Force Breastplate.

    Game two was a defiant blow out by Bren Esports, drafting a poke-heavy composition of Selena, Pharsa, and Yi Sun-shin alongside a deadly frontline of Silvanna and Baxia.

    KarlTzy and his YSS became the focal point of the team’s offensive pressure, easily checking the map with a simple Mountain Shocker. If ever YSS’s skills revealed a potential clash, Ribo instantly paired it with a Feathered Airstrike to zone out enemies and guarantee an objective or kill.


    Bren finally came through around the fifteen-minute mark by overpowering their opponents right outside their own base. AE was desperate to turn things around with risky dives and overextensions, but the MPL PH team instantly trapped out the likes of Celiboy’s Hayabusa and LeoMurphy’s Mathilda to initiate the last game-winning push to the inhibitor turret.

    With the two amazing sweeps, Bren Esports comes out with a perfect group stage run and has secured a playoff spot alongside Burmese Ghouls, OMEGA Esports, and RRQ Hoshi.

    While the tournament is far from over, coach Duckey and his Bren squad are looking in top form for the international competition. In terms of the next big opponents on their list, Bren has the chance to meet MPL ID champions RRQ Hoshi in the winner’s final. Seeing as how both teams were able to best Alter Ego, this potential match-up could prove who has the stronger line-up for 2021.


    Bren Esports will face Burmese Ghouls in the upper bracket playoffs on January 22.

    For more esports stories, check out ONE Esports.

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