Philippine Karatedo Federation stripped of WKF recognition over alleged funds misuse
Several members of the national karatedo team, here with PSC commissioner Ramon Fernandez, earlier expressed a loss of confidence on Philippine Karatedo Federation (PKF NSA Inc.) president Joey Romasanta and secretary general Raymund Lee Reyes amid allegations of mismanagement in the federation. Jerome Ascano

THE World Karatedo Federation (WKF) has withdrawn its recognition of the Philippine Karatedo Federation-NSA Inc. (PKF) in light of the controversy surrounding the association.

In a letter by the international federation to PKF president Joey Romasanta on Tuesday, WKF president Antonio Espinos said the withdrawal of recognition will take effect immediately after receiving evidence from the alleged misuse of funds from the Philippine national team’s training camp in Europe prior to the 2017 Southeast Asian Games

WKF executive member Vincent Chen presented the evidence to world federation officials. Chen recently visited the country to speak with Philippine Sports Commission commissioner Ramon Fernandez and karatedo stakeholders.

Still, the PKF will be given a chance to air its side during the WKF Congress on November 5, 2018.

“Nevertheless, on the occasion of the WKF Congress in its next meeting in Madrid on 5th November 2018, your Federation will be granted the opportunity to express its views with regards to its disaffiliation of WKF, if it wishes, in which case we ask you to kindly inform us about your decision before the 30th April 2018,” wrote Espinos.

Romasanta and PKF secretary general Raymund Lee Reyes have previously denied the allegations.



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