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    So who's insulting who in Pacquiao's camp?

    Mar 4, 2018
    Manny Pacquiao feels insulted over being relegated to a mere undercard fighter, but he is also to blame for the predicament he is in, writes columnist Ed Tolentino. Wendell Alinea

    IT is not yet downloadable on the internet, but you can say that it is likely to be a big hit if it is turned into a game and made available to the boxing public.

    The game is tentatively titled, 'Who is Insulting Who?' and gamers out there should be familiar with the lead character - the 'PacMan.'

    So here's how the game's premise goes: Boxing icon Manny Pacquiao rejects a proposed April fight in Las Vegas, because he felt 'insulted' at the offer of a mere undercard role in the Jeff Horn-Terence Crawford clash.

    Promoter Bob Arum, arguably feeling 'insulted' at the insinuation that he is treating his once prized ward as disposable dirty laundry, discloses the real reason why Pacquiao does not want to fight in April. It has nothing to do with the undercard hullaballoo but more on Pacquiao's pending issues with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The IRS, back in 2016, claimed that Paquiao owes back taxes in the amount of $68 million.

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    Oh, there's a third character in the game who feels 'insulted,' too. Trainer Freddie Roach, who transformed Pacquiao into a mean fighting machine, reveals that he has not heard from the champ for the past months. Roach wants to believe that Pacquiao just changed his mobile number, but the root cause may be an 'insulting' remark he made on the champ last year.


      As you can see, there are three characters to choose from in the proposed game: Pacquiao, Arum and Roach. Let's break down the strengths and weaknesses of each character.

      Main character Pacquiao feels insulted at being relegated to a mere undercard fighter, but he is also to blame for the predicament he is in. As a result of his various extracurricular activities, Pacquiao has become a part-time fighter in recent years and the results of his fights have been anything but spectacular. Pacquiao feels insulted at being reduced into an undercard fighter, but he would have been in the main event in the April card had he defeated the one-dimensional Horn last July. Horn won by decision over Pacquiao, earning himself a ticket to Las Vegas and a date with Crawford. Oh, don't forget, Pacquiao was offered to take on Horn in an immediate, main event rematch last year, but he turned it down because he was busy with some business commitments in China.

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      It is so easy for Pacquiao to feel insulted, but he could have treated the 'insult' as a reality check; a challenge to go back to the drawing board and get the eye of the tiger back. Remember the scene in the movie Rocky III where Rocky Balboa, after getting his huge ego crushed by Clubber Lang, decided to go back to the filthy gym and re-sharpen his pugilistic fangs? This should be Pacquiao's approach to the situation.

      For those who prefer Arum, the character's strength is basically his experience and proven 'acumen' in the fight business. Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been trying to convince Pacquiao to end his relationship with Arum, pointing out how he was once treated like a 'slave' by the latter, but for some reason Pacquiao cannot break free. It remains to be seen how Arum's latest disclosure of the IRS stuff will affect his relationship with Pacquiao, but the promoter somehow has a hold on the fighter. Arum is the oldest character in the game, but he might just be the strongest character, with a 'super power' that is just waiting to be unlocked.

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      The weakest character is trainer Roach. Roach ought to know the reason why Pacquiao is avoiding him like the flu virus. After Pacquiao lost to Horn, Roach opined that the 39-year-old fighter should retire. Roach's statement may have been taken out of context. Perhaps he only wanted to convey the message that boxing is a very physical and tough sport, and if Pacquiao can't give up his other 'jobs,' he might as well retire because he could get seriously hurt. Roach may only have Paquiao's welfare in mind, but how can he possibly convince the boxer that he should still be his trainer after telling him to retire?

      Choose your character well, gamers. It will be interesting to see just who will be the final character standing in the game's final stage.

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      Manny Pacquiao feels insulted over being relegated to a mere undercard fighter, but he is also to blame for the predicament he is in, writes columnist Ed Tolentino. Wendell Alinea
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