Zion Mayweather proud to see dad overcome a fearsome fighter like Pacquiao
In the eyes of his son, Floyd Mayweather is the 'greatest fighter in the world.' AP

LAS VEGAS - Floyd Mayweather’s son admitted he was a 'little nervous' going to dad's fight on Saturday night (Sunday, Manila time), knowing fully well Manny Pacquiao's speed and punching power.

“I was a little nervous because of Manny Pacquiao’s speed, but (I took comfort in the thought that) he doesn’t have a chin and he doesn’t take body shots very well,” said Zion Mayweather.

The unanimous decision win, the 15-year-old Zion said, came as a big relief and only bolstered his belief that his dad is "the greatest fighter in the world."

“I think he did a great job. Honestly, I don’t think Pacquiao was more of a technical fighter to fight my dad. I think that’s the reason why my dad won. I think he is the greatest fighter in the world,” he said.

Asked if Pacquiao will be given a rematch, the son sounded like dad, saying, 'I think he (Pacquiao) deserves a rematch’ before qualifying that Floyd should " give another fighter a chance" to beat him in September.

The teenager also shrugged off criticism about his dad's fighting style: “He got the win, that’s what’s important. He is a more of a tactical fighter.”

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