How referee Kenny Bayless handles fights favors Mayweather style, says Oscar De La Hoya
Oscar de la Hoya, who has fought both Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr., believes Kenny Bayless being the third man is an advantage for the latter.

OSCAR de la Hoya believes the selection of Kenny Bayless as referee favors Floyd Mayweather Jr.

"There is no secret about that,” the Golden Boy Promotions chief told according to an Kevin Iole of Yahoo! Sports. “I had heard Kenny Bayless was going to be the referee and that's one point for Mayweather right there.”

Bayless was picked by the Nevada State Athletic Commission to be the man in the ring when Pacquiao meets Mayweather on May 2 (May 3 Manila time).

The Athletic Commission also selected Dave Moretti, Glenn Feldman, and Burt Clements as judges.

Bayless has worked the bouts of the two fighters a total of 12 times — seven of them Pacquiao fights.

Still, De la Hoya said the tendency of Bayless to break up fighters immediately during holds favors Mayweather.

“If you notice every fight Mayweather has had with Kenny Bayless, the referee should break them up if both hands are tied up and they're not throwing punches. If you notice, for instance with Maidana, when they got in close, right away Kenny Bayless would break them up.

"One hand would be free from the clinch but (he will still broke them up). It's an advantage for Mayweather,” De la Hoya said.


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