Welterweight Pacquiao says he's trim enough to make lightweight limit for Bradley fight
Freddie Roach says a trim Manny Pacquiao will have speed to his advantage come the April 9 fight againsti Tim Bradley. Jerome Ascano

HOLLYWOOD – Weight is hardly an issue for Manny Pacquiao as he prepares for a third meeting with Tim Bradley, so much so that he can eat every he pleases barely two weeks before fight night.

“Eat all you can (nga tayo),” he said after training on Monday while partaking a piece of tapa, scrambled egg, and rice in between watching an NBA game pitting the Oklahoma Thunder against the Toronto Raptors on a large screen inside the Nat’s Thai Restaurant adjacent to the Wildcard gym here.

Pacquiao would rather not divulge his weigh right now although he said he doesn’t expect to encounter a problem meeting the welterweight limit of 147.

The eight-time world champion said he can even make it as low as lightweight, which he admitted is his natural weight.

“Kaya pa nga ng 135 eh,” Pacquiao stressed.

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It was trainer Freddie Roach who said the Filipino boxing great weighed in at 145 lbs.

“It’s a little bit low, but when he works hard that’s what happens,” said Roach.

On second thought, the 56-year-old trainer said Pacquiao fighting at a lighter weight gives him enough speed to create problems for a slow-moving fighter such as Bradley.

“The speed is great and it really works for him,” said Roach. “Speed and power, that’s what I want to see, we haven’t seen it in a long while.”

Earlier, Pacquiao held his morning jog at the Griffith Park all the way to the top of the famed Hollywood sign despite the early Monday drizzle.

“Rain or shine, (tuloy pa rin),” he said just as he finished his two-hour jog together with his entourage.

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