Mayweather talent will trump Pacquiao's heart, says former heavyweight champ Lennox Lewis
Manny Pacquiao plunges into training at the MP Tower as he begins his preparations for the much-anticipated fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. on May 2. Jerome Ascano

FORMER world heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis believes talent will prevail over heart as he sees Floyd Mayweather Jr. emerging victorious over Manny Pacquiao in their exciting May 2 showdown at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

In an interview over BBC Radio Live’s Sportsweek, Lewis sees everything going Mayweather’s way in the 12-round bout expected to go down as the richest ever fight in the history of the fight game.

“It’s difficult but I think Mayweather has all the advantages, that natural ability and rhythm,” said Lewis in the radio interview. ran a story on the Lewis interview.

Although his talent is natural, Lewis believes it remains to be seen if Mayweather really has the heart to beat the 36-year-old Pacquiao.

“I think Floyd has so much talent, quickness, and that natural ability to win. It really depends on his heart,“ said the 49-year-old former undisputed world heavyweight champion.

“ Pacquiao has a lot of heart,” stressed the 6-foot-5 British.

Lewis said the unpredictability of Pacquiao could give Mayweather a lot of problem during the course of the fight.

“Pacquiao, you’ll never know how he’s going to come out because he’s boxed differently on different occasions with different opponents,” the former Olympic gold medalist said.

The retired British boxer though, expects an explosive match pitting two superstars with contrasting fighting styles.

“Floyd is the best at side-stepping and movement. He’s very quick and hard to hit,” noted Lewis. “Pacquiao is a great guy when it comes to offense and trying to break a person down. He’s trying to knock you out so it’s a great match-up between styles.”

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