Floyd Mayweather Sr. vows his son will give Manny Pacquiao a 'real, good beating'
"I think it’s gonna be a real good beating, a real good beating, that’s what I think,” Floyd Mayweather Sr. said of what his son is going to do against Manny Pacquiao in their May 2 title fight.

TYPICAL of Floyd Mayweather Sr., the former boxer turned trainer confidently declared his unbeaten son will give Manny Pacquiao ‘a real, good beating’ when they finally come face-to-face on May 2 (May 3, Manila time) in their welterweight unification bout at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

In a recent interview by On The Ropes Boxing Radio, Floyd Sr. said that without a doubt, the young Mayweather will win over his Filipino opponent convincingly.  

“It can go a couple of different ways. I most definitely think my son’s gonna win. I think he’s gonna stop Manny, or even if he whoops him, I think it’s gonna be a real good beating, a real good beating, that’s what I think,” Mayweather Sr. said.

Pacquiao though, had previously beaten one of Mayweather Sr’s fighters in former junior world welterweight champion Ricky Hatton, whom the 36-year-old southpaw demolished in just two rounds during their title fight in 2009.

Still not even that could lessen the belief of the elder Mayweather about his son pulling an emphatic win over the Pacman two months from now.

So decisive the win will be that there’s no need to have any rematch after the fight, according to Floyd Sr.

 “I think Floyd’s gonna do what he’s got to do and then he ain’t got to look back,” said the outspoken father and head trainer of Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Sr., whose son has begun training for the much-anticipated fight against the Filipino boxing superstar, said the younger Mayweather won’t be forcing the issue of trying to score a knockout on Pacquiao.

“If there’s a place and time where he gives little Floyd a chance to do something like that, I think it will be done. I definitely think that he can be knocked out by Floyd,” said Mayweather Sr.

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