Like or hate him, Floyd Mayweather is the man who saved the PBA from itself
With Floyd Mayweather signing on to fight Manny Pacquiao on May 2, the boxing hero will now be forced to abandon, at least for the time being, his 'fictional' basketball career. Jerome Ascano

FINALLY, a reprieve from all the madness in Philiippine sports.

By signing the contract for a boxing match billed as the richest of all time, Mayweather might have spared all of us from waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop in this ongoing saga of Manny Pacquiao's own version of Neverland in the land of "real" professional basketball players.

Unless we have all gone bananas, the last I checked boxing and basketball are still two distinct sports disciplines. And we can say with absolute certainty that our beloved boxing hero doesn't have what it takes to play pro ball.

Has the only eight-division world boxing champion gone delusional that he did all he could, except prove he has at least descent skills to play pro basketball, just to achieve his lifelong dream of playing in the PBA?

Whatever the case may be, those of us who still consider the PBA a sports event first and a form of entertainment second should be grateful.

Grateful that this agony of seeing Pacquiao continuously making a fool of himself by believing he can play professional basketball will soon come to an end.

And thankful that the once proud PBA will finally be spared from seeing misfits taking over the show.

And who do we have to thank for this? 

Of all people, the hated Floyd Mayweather, Jr., that is.

By finally agreeing to fight the Filipino boxing hero on May 2, Mayweather turned out to be the guy who saved both Pacquiao and the PBA from degradation.

With the fight finally on, Pacquiao will be now be forced to abandon his "fictional" PBA career, at least for the time being, and thankfully focus all his energy on the sport that made him a global icon.

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