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    Sat, Aug 20

    COLUMN: Is Pacquiao vs Crawford bound to happen or is it just a tall tale?

    Jun 6, 2020
    spin zone

    CHICAGO - Although few have somehow managed to survive, the inability to keep pace with the speed that news is delivered these days has doomed the newspaper business into a slow, inevitable death.

    It's a daunting fight for existence as tomorrow's edition struggle to keep pace with today's headlines that can instantly be viewed on Twitter and other social media platforms.

    But as we crawl in the squalor of this sports-less world the pandemic has created, websites, unlike the structured discipline of a newspaper, are so starved for content that myths are being mistaken for a legitimate news stories.

    Case in point is the rumor that Manny Pacquiao is in "serious talks" to fight Terence Crawford supposedly in the kingdom of Bahrain where there is more oil than water and money is an afterthought.

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    Bob Arum, the source of all this hissing, flabbergasting narrative, supported his theory by telling PhilBoxing.com last week that he had spoken to Pacquiao who allegedly said he is "ready to go."

    When Manny says "he's ready to eat," it doesn't mean he will eat whatever you serve on his plate. "Ready to eat" doesn't mean he is hungry, either. He's just telling you he has a mouth and a set of teeth to chew anything.

    Get the point?

    My confusion on Arum's claims is that he is the same gentleman who told SiriusXM Boxing on June 2018 that "Pacquiao has absolutely no interest in fighting Crawford. He told me that himself."

    The same Bob Arum who told FightHubTV in a January 2019 interview that he didn't want Crawford to fight Pacquiao because it would end in "a serious disability for Manny."

    And then suddenly, if Arum were to be believed, Pacquiao, now 41, "is ready to go against Crawford."

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    Not exactly.

    An unimpeachable source told me that Pacquiao-Crawford ain't happening. And if you insist it will, you're either blowing up smoke or smoking weed.

    So is Arum lying?

    Not necessarily.

    But if he is, it won't be the first time. He is, after all, a Harvard-educated lawyer famous for declaring "Yesterday I was lying. Today I'm telling the truth."

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    I gotta admit, the screaming banner touting Pacquiao versus Crawford intrigued me. But when I got past the noise and checked whether it had the legs to run, the story quickly ran out of steam.

    TKO in the third paragraph.

    Right now, the only foe Pacquiao is fighting is COVID-19. And the only cause he is trying to champion is the plight of the Filipino people, especially the poor and the disenfranchised.


      While his pronouncements may have been misleading, Arum is not at fault for the spread of this non-story. He is a promoter, a salesman, and he is merely selling a match-up.

      It was up to the reporters to see through implausibility of such a scenario given the fact that Pacquiao has repeatedly insisted he would rather have another dance with Floyd Mayweather.

      And oh, by the way, Pacquiao's last two fights were promoted by PBC not Top Rank.

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      Come to think of it, why the hell would Pacquiao brawl with a dangerous, hungry Crawford in his prime when Manny can cherry pick on two Garcias (Danny and Mikey) and get paid the same, if not more, for the trouble?

      There's the myth-buster you're looking for, the knockout by simple logic.

      So the next time you run into a "story" about Pacquiao versus Crawford, don't inconvenience yourself researching the tale of the tape.

      This is nothing but a tall tale.

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