Two billiard events Manny Pacquiao hosted come short of expectations as players' complaints mount
Aside from boxing, Manny Pacquiao also loves playing billiards, which made him to host the recent World 10-Ball Championship in General Santos City. Jerome Ascano

A leading billiards website reported that several players who competed in the World 10-Ball Championship and the Manny Pacquiao Cup were not paid in full during the two events held in General Santos City. revealed several players who saw action in the World 10-ball meet sanctioned by the World Pool Association, admitted their prize money was five percent short of the agreed amount.

But other than that, the players were paid in time, the website reported.

The players, however, refused to be named.

During the Manny Pacquiao Cup, a doubles event that followed shortly after the World 10-ball tournament, also mentioned players were made to pay a $150 entry fee, while the $100,000 total purse earlier announced was reduced to $60,000.

Although both events were made in honor of boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao, the billiards website revealed the tournament organizer was Lorelei Pacquiao, wife of Manny’s brother Bobby Pacquiao.

Complaints were not all about monetary.

Many players likewise complained about the quality of tables used and the absence of chairs on the TV table.

There was also no scoreboard used during the matches. said no players wanted to be quoted for fear that they won’t be invited again to play in billiards events to be staged by Pacquiao, although the billiards website said some players already made statements on their respective Facebook page.

As of post time, is trying to get the side of the event organizer.

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