Prince Orizu on Moralde 'flop:' 'If I really elbowed him, he'd be in hospital right now'
UP's Dave Moralde lies on the floor after the Prince Orizu offensive foul. Dante Peralta

PRINCE Orizu maintained he didn’t elbow University of the Philippines forward Dave Moralde when he was called for an offensive foul in Far Eastern University's win over the Maroons.

Orizu said there's no doubt in his mind that Moralde flopped when the FEU big man was called for an offensive foul for an elbow during the third quarter of Sunday's game won by FEU, 61-49.

“That was a flop. That was really a flop. I looked at it, the guy flopped,” said Orizu.

Orizu added: “If I really gave him an elbow, he will probably be in the hospital right now. I didn’t do that to him.”

The offensive foul on Orizu came just before teammate Ron Dennison was slapped with a disqualifying foul for a hit on Paul Desiderio, which Orizu believes was also a flop.

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“I was sad because I looked at the play, it’s not like a foul or unsportsmanlike foul. I checked it on the replay. Maybe coach Nash (Racela) will talk to the commissioner about it,” said Orizu.

Orizu, however, is ready to move on from the incident more so since the Tamaraws won the game, 51-49.

“But it’s okay, we won,” he added.

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