Spot the difference: Find out why UP Maroons were slapped technical for Longa's uniform
In a previous game, some UP shorts had Oblation logos on the left, some on the right. Jaime Campos

UNIVERSITY of the Philippines was slapped with a technical foul as Pio Longa wore the wrong shorts early in the Maroons’ match against De La Salle Green Archers on Wednesday in the UAAP.

Longa’s shorts had a small Oblation logo on the right side, but the rest of the squad had the logo on the left.

The La Salle bench noticed the difference and informed the referees.

The technical foul was called on the bench, giving La Salle a technical free throw.

Longa later replaced his shorts with the correct one.

Although Thomas Torres failed to make the technical free throw, the Green Archers did enough to beat the Maroons, 72-68, to stay in the playoff hunt.

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