Paul Desiderio insists he was hit by former teammate Ron Dennison
Paul Desiderio says nothing is personal even as he and former teamate Ron Dennison battled in a physical game. Dante Peralta

UP skipper Paul Desiderio insists he got hit by FEU’s Ron Dennison, his former teammate who accuses him of flopping.

"Natamaan talaga ako. Masakit nga tiyan ko, dito o," Desiderio said pointing to his abdomen.

Dennision failed to finish FEU’s match against UP, getting sent off with still a little under three minutes to play for allegedly hitting Desiderio. Dennison insists he didn’t do anything to Desiderio.

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"Kasi nagchat na kami sabi ko bibigyan kita ng good fight so ayun nga nangyari, good fight," said Desiderio.

"Physical lang talaga si Dennison, ganoon lang talaga yun, nasanay na ako. Pero walang problema sa akin kasi team mate ko pa din."

The third year player added that he expected a tough match with his former skipper at University of Visayas and insisted nothing is personal.

"Para sa akin walang problem yun kasi captain ball ko sa highschool sa UV, so wala, parang kapatid ko na din," he added.

Desiderio also took the blame as UP suffered its fourth loss in five games.

"Hindi ko mashoot yung freethrows ko, sa last two minutes nawala ako sa game, so sa akin."

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