Franz Pumaren says Adamson Falcons at their worst in loss to La Salle
Coach Franz Pumaren didn't seem disheartened to see the Falcons' win streak end. Dante Peralta 

ADAMSON never came close to toppling La Salle, and coach Franz Pumaren said it was because the Falcons played their worst and the Archers did their best.

The Falcons saw their win streak end at two as the unbeaten Archers cruised to their fifth victory in as many games.

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Except for the early part of the game, Adamson never came close as Pumaren had hoped, and the Falcons suffered their second loss in five outings.

“I don’t think you have to be a basketball expert to look at the whole picture. It’s just that I think La Salle played their best game of the season, and we played our worst game of the season. As simple as that,” Pumaren said.

Pumaren didn’t seem too disheartened, and even said he and the Falcons are okay.

“Not disappointed but I’m not happy. But we are okay. Like I said, they played their best, we played our worst,” Pumaren said.

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He noted how Adamson was able to force La Salle to a high number of turnovers, small steps for the Falcons in the campaign.

“For a No. 1 team, forcing them to commit 26 turnovers, it’s already a big accomplishment on my team. What happened probably is it showed the composition of my team that we are really a young team.

“Probably they are in awe with the crowd, they are not used to this kind of environment. But it’s a learning process on our part,” Pumaren said.

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