Nothing fishy with the way UP-UST match was called by UAAP referees, says Andy Jao
UAAP commissioner Andy Jao says he would be the first to act if he saw something wrong with the way the UP-UST game was called by the referees. Jaime Campos

UAAP commissioner Andy Jao expressed confidence in the league’s pool of referees in the wake of accusations of 'point shaving' made by University of the Philippines coach Rey Madrid after the Maroons' game against University of Santo Tomas on Saturday.

Jao said he reviewed the video of the match between the Tigers and Maroons and saw nothing wrong about the way the way the game was called, contrary to Madrid's claim.

“I was satisfied,” said Jao.

Accusations of ‘point shaving’ were hurled by Madrid after the Tigers' win. He accused the referees of allowing UST to post a huge lead in order to reach a certain ‘number.’

Madrid took aim at the referees’ pool from the Basketball Referees Association for Schools, Colleges, and Universities, a group headed by his former coach at UP, Joe Lipa.

Jao said he will be the first one to sanction the referees if he saw something wrong in the game.

“If I thought there was grossly wrong with the game, I’ll be the first one to be mad. But I don’t think there is anything there. If you look at the statistics, you can see how they (Maroons) lost by a big margin,” he said.

Jao said he felt the accusation was unfair for UST.

“I don’t think it is fair to UST. They kept playing better defense and better offense,” said Jao.

“They played a good second half. They played well defensively and offensively. They took advantage of the mismatch with (Karim) Abdul and (Louie) Vigil,” added the veteran basketball TV analyst.

Jao said the UAAP board was also sad about the recent development, saying, “They themselves were hurt by the situation.”

The league commissioner said the referees, who are also being headed by longtime basketball official Romy Guevara, were trained not to look at the scoreboard.


“Mr. Guevara always tells them, 'When you make a call, you don’t look at the score.' You have to call it as you see it. You don’t look if (the lead) is 20 points,” said Jao.

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