You think Kiefer Ravena's 38 points is impressive? What he did later was truly phenomenal
Ateneo star Kiefer Ravena showed admirable character in the way he handled the online storm over the 'dirty finger' stunt pulled off by one fan on Sunday. Jerome Ascano

KIEFER Ravena dropped 38 points on the University of the East Red Warriors in a performance that should rank as one of the finest offensive performances seen in the UAAP in a long time.

So what if the Ateneo 'King Eagle' made 19 of his career-high from his 25 attempts from the free throw line? Those free throws weren't handed to him on a silver platter, and he worked to get to the foul line and hit those free throws.

But this is not about the points scored by Ravena. We've more or less come to expect such offensive explosions from the Ateneo star, considering he needs to score more for the Blue Eagles to be successful this season compared to the past when he was surrounded with far more talent.

And Ravena has shown himself up to the task. He is not referred to as 'The Phenom" for nothing.

Again, this piece is not about that but more about the character he showed in handling the online storm over a certain 'Kayla' and the 'dirty finger' stunt that made him a social media overnight sensation.

Insulted and shamed, Kiefer not only accepted her apology with all sincerity but also asked for understanding for the moment of indiscretion of a young misguided soul.

Now, that to me is truly phenomenal.

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