Take a look at Ginebra star LA Tenorio's cool Bumblebee-inspired ride
LA Tenorio says it was his eldest son, Transformers fan Santi, who picked the color when they had the SUV wrapped with autofoil at Foilacar Manila. Karlo Sacamos 

IF LA Tenorio floats like a butterfly on the court, he stings like a bumblebee on the road.

That’s because the Ginebra star playmaker owns a cool yellow-coated Toyota FJ Cruiser which he usually drives to and from practice.

Tenorio bared the story behind the color of his mid-size luxury SUV, saying he asked his eldest son, Santi, to decide when they had it wrapped with autofoil.  

“Favorite niya dati yung Transformers eh, so yun, pina-sticker ko ng Bumblebee,” the father of three said in a chat with SPIN.ph after practice.

“White (talaga kulay) 'yan. Pina-foil ko lang,” he added. “I have a friend who owns Foilacar Manila.”

Tenorio was initially hesitant to tell the story of his ride, which sells at nearly P1.9 million for a brand new vehicle. And it was understandable: while he had a car that stood out, it was also easily recognizable.

“May advantage at disadvantage yan eh: standout yung kulay niya at unique, (pero) kilalang-kilala kotse mo,” Tenorio said with a smile.

As far as performance of his car is concerned, Tenorio has little complaints since he bought it in 2013.

“Maganda naman takbo niyan, kaya lagi kong ginagamit,” he said. “Although malakas lang sa gas kasi four-by-four na V6 (engine), but the ride itself is really, parang kotse – malakas ang hatak.”

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