Yeng Guiao has no doubt Asi Taulava, 43, can keep up with his fast-paced offense
Under Yeng Guiao, Asi Taulava and the rest of the NLEX big men need to adapt to a more free-wheeling offense than they were used to with Boyet Fernandez. Jaime Campos

NLEX coach Yeng Guiao is optimistic Asi Taulava and the rest of the Road Warriors’ big men can adapt to his fast-paced style of play.

The 6-foot-9 Taulava has been the focal point of the Road Warriors’ half-court game under coach Boyet Fernandez, but the young franchise is set for a transition into an offense that runs at every opportunity and puts up a lot of threes now that Guiao is calling the shots from the sidelines.

“Coach Boyet had a different philosophy: he was more of a deliberate type of basketball, posting up Asi, posting up Enrico. That’s not a bad idea,” Guiao said. “But syempre, yung style ko is a running game, three-point shooting game.”

But there are questions on the capability of traditional post-up big men like Taulava, the oldest player in the league at 43, to keep up with the new pace.

Guiao, however, was quick to allay the concerns.

“People have doubted if Asi can run with the team, even Enrico (Villanueva), but from the way I look at it, they seem enthusiastic to follow that style that I have gotten used to,” Guiao said. “Sabi ko sa kanila, if they want to be effective in our system, they have to be willing to run; they have to have the skill to shoot the three-point shot.”

“And they have to be able to withstand my temper,” the fiery mentor was quick to add with a smile. “They said they were okay with that.”

Guiao, leaning on the Road Warriors’ guards, led by gunner Garvo Lanete, admitted there will be growing pains, but is confident they can achieve their goal.

“Yung pag-install mo ng bagong system, more importantly is the cultlure, it will not happen overnight,” Guiao said. “Something like that takes a little bit of time, but we’ll be very patient. And we’re expecting that we will improve gradually starting this conference.”


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