Tim Cone on coaching in the NBA: 'I don't have (NBA) dream. I know it's far beyond me'
San Mig coach Tim Cone says he is realistic enough to know that the NBA is a different ballgame. "The opportunity is not there, it's another level," he says. Jerome Ascano

HE may be the most successful coach in the history of the PBA, but Tim Cone is realistic enough to admit that the NBA is a different ballgame.

“I don’t know if we have better coaches, but I think the game we (PBA) have is very sophisticated compared to many places in the world," said San Mig's American coach.

“But the NBA is a whole new level just like their players are at a whole new level.”

No less than Cone’s boss at San Miguel Corp., president and chief operating officer Ramon S. Ang, brought up the hope of seeing the San Mig mentor coaching and even winning a championship in the NBA.

Ang made the suggestion during his acceptance speech during the PBA Press Corps' awards night when he was honored with the Executive of the Year title.

But Cone doesn’t see himself being in the level of the NBA, even describing the chance of coaching in the world’s greatest league as "something laughable."

“Everybody would love the challenge, but the opportunity (to coach in the NBA) is not there, it’s another level,” said Cone, the most successful coach in PBA history with 18 championships and the only one to win more than one grand slam.

“It’s (opportunity to coach in the NBA) laughable. I don’t really even want to focus on that because I’m really happy where I am. I love my job. I love my league.”

Cone was flattered to be even considered good enough to coach an NBA team, though he admits his recent talk with Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra gave him an idea on how tough it really is to coach in the NBA.

“Hopefully, I’m not saying that just for sound bytes, but I’m very comfortable here,” said Cone. “I really don’t have dreams of coaching in the NBA. I know it’s far beyond me and I know if ever I got there, it would be overwhelming.”


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