Paul Harris set for tough week ahead as Ginebra import to make whirlwind US trip for wedding
Paul Harris set to leave for US on Thursday and return to the country Wednesday to attend to his wedding.

IT’S a time when family should always come first.

Paul Harris is set to make a whirlwind trip for almost a week to the US for his wedding, leaving on Thursday afternoon after sneaking in a practice with Ginebra in the morning.

“It really is (a whirlwind schedule). It’s been tough,” the Gin Kings import said after torching former Tropang TNT with 39 points in their tune-up game on Wednesday. “I got to get back and come but I always look at it like God won’t put too much on you that you can’t handle.”

“So even though I have to go home and focus on getting married, I’ll still try to get a couple of workouts in,” he added. “Just come back and work hard, and be ready for the opening of the season.”

Already married to Jianna, Harris is having a grander one with their families this time on July 2, while also celebrating Independence Day (July 4) together, before returning to Manila on July 6 with his wife.

“My wife loves the Philippines,” the 29-year-old American cager said. “This is her favorite place out of all the countries we’ve been to. She’s been with me in every stint.”

Gin Kings coach Tim Cone surely doesn’t want anything to be a hindrance to Harris on his special day.
“He’ll be a changed man,” Cone said. “Marriage changes you, so we’ll see how radical it is when he comes back.”

Hopefully his game stays the same.

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