Narvasa assures 'impartiality' of PBA officials as semifinals goes down to two Game Sevens
“Rest assured that there is impartiality and transparency in each and every call," assures PBA commissioner Chito Narvasa. Jerome Ascano

WITH two Game Sevens in the Philippine Cup semifinals in the offing, the PBA leadership has assured that it will let players decide the games by making sure officiating will be 'impartial' and 'transparent.'

In a statement released through the pro league’s official Twitter account on Monday afternoon, Commissioner Andres Narvasa addressed concerns aired by teams and fans on the way games are called by officials in the playoffs.

“From the start, we have called the games as they are. We have always been open to dialogue with teams’ coaches and officials to continuously improve the officiating, Narvasa said.

“We have even removed discretionary calls from the referees for the purpose of eliminating questionable calls. Non-calls and wrong calls are part and parcel of officiating, they are considered honest mistakes.

“Rest assured that there is impartiality and transparency in each and every call. We are always open to scrutiny,” maintained Narvasa.

Controversy over officiating has marred both the San Miguel-TNT series and the Ginebra-Star playoff, but Narvasa assured league officials always strive to call games with 'integrity and fairness.'


“Nothing can compare to the excitement of a do-or-die game, more so, two knockout games,” Narvasa said. “Our referees will constantly call the games with fairness and integrity in the best way they can.”

“In Game 7s, it is not already about the X and Os. Game 7s are decided not by the coaches, not by the game officials but by the players themselves. It is for who wants it more.”

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