Caguioa takes 'trash talk' to whole new level in verbal sparring with TNT import Tyler
Ginebra star guard Mark Caguioa points to a trash bin while ribbing TNT KaTropa import Jeremy Tyler during an ill-tempered game on Sunday night. Jerome Ascano

TRASH talking has been a regular fare in any sports, basketball games included.

On Sunday, Mark Caguioa brought the art to a whole new level – literally.

The Ginebra veteran was caught by the camera of ace lensman Jerome Ascano standing on the sidelines and pointing to a heap of trash while taunting TNT KaTropa import Jeremy Tyler in a heated PBA Commissioner’s Cup game on Sunday night.

Witnesses saw the former league MVP take the trash bin from the back of the Ginebra bench at the Mall of Asia Arena. He was later seen pointing at the grabage pin and shouting 'You're trash' in the direction of Tyler, leaving Ginebra players Kevin Ferrer, Aljon Mariano, Paulo Taha, Jam Jamito, and other team personnel in stiches on the bench.

No one among the Kings, however, agreed to confirm what Caguioa, 37, said. At least not on the record.

But witnesses said the Ginebra guard and Tyler started exchanging 'pleasantries' as early as the first quarter without being noticed by the commentators on the TV panel.

Actually, it wasn't only Caguioa who figured in verbal sparring with Tyler, who complained incessantly about calls and soon got in the nerves of Ginebra import Charles Garcia and Joe Devance.

One photographer at ringside heard Caguioa calling Tyler 'soft' and later ribbing him for his two-point, six-turnover performance which he implied could lead to his early exit from TNT.

But his final 'trash talk' takes the cake.

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