No need for Asian import, says Douthit even as Blackwater starts off on wrong foot
Naturalized Filipino citizen Marcus Douthit says the Elite's local simply need to gain more experience against the league heavyweight teams and star players. Jaime Campos

MARCUS Douthit believes in the Filipino talent so much that he doesn’t see Blackwater benefiting much from an Asian import, even as they started the PBA Governors’ Cup with a loss.

“What is an Asian import going to do?” Douthit said. “I mean, at the end of the day, they made their rule to try to improve the league, but there’s not too many Asian imports that are better than the guys here.”

The Elite suffered a 106-80 beating at the hands of Alaska in the opener of the season-ending conference on Tuesday, raising questions whether the decision to pass up on hiring an Asian import was a wise one.

But Douthit insisted the Elite’s local players simply need to play more to match up with the league’s stars. Plus the fact that the team that beat them, Alaska, also does not have an Asian import.

“All these guys, they just need more experience… they don’t have a lot of minutes under their belt,”  said the naturalized Filipino citizen.

Douthit went as far as saying that the only Asian import who's going to “stand out” this conference is Sam Daghles of Talk ‘N Text, because of — you guessed it — his experience.

“He’s the main guy in Jordan and he’s very experienced,” the naturalized Filipino said. “Besides him, I don’t think there’s another Asian import that’s going to really make an impact that a local guy can’t do.”

“So just keep the guys here,” he added. “If they bring somebody in, that gives them (locals) less experience. So a lot of players are going to have to wait next conference to play again.”

The Elite had two Asian import prospects during the break but Imad Qahwash of Jordan had a citizenship issue, while Taiwanese Lui Chen failed to get a release from his club in Chinese Taipei.


But that’s no problem for Douthit.

“Some teams, they’re chasing the championship and try to do everything. We’re obviously just trying to chase wins, but I don’t think we need an Asian import,” said Douthit, one of only two double-digit scorers for Blackwater with 28 points and 16 boards.

“Our guys just need more experience. And going through games like these, they’re getting that,” Douthit added, referring to the blowout loss to the Aces. “It’s going to turn around sooner or later.”

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