Jayjay Helterbrand declines Ginebra assistant coaching job - for now
Jayjay Helterbrand and Mark Caguioa reunite during the Ginebra thanksgiving party on Friday. Jerome Ascano

THANKS, but no thanks – for now – is Jayjay Helterbrand’s reply regarding the prospect of him staying involved at Ginebra as a part of the coaching staff.

The recently retired Gin Kings star bared that coach Tim Cone and management recently made him an offer to be an assistant coach.

“Coach Tim and the Ginebra management offered me a coaching assistant spot on the team already, but I kindly declined it for now, because I really want to spend more time with my family,” Helterbrand told scribes during a break in the Gin Kings’ thanksgiving party on Friday afternoon.

“But in the future – I don’t know when, but if it’s still available and if they’re still going to allow me, I’d definitely want to come back,” he was quick to add.

The 41-year-old Helterbrand said he’ll be going back and forth in the US to spend time with his family there.

“Just cherish the moment, just being together, sitting in the living room, and talk,” the Filipino-American guard said. “I’m sure they’re going to ask me why I chose to retire. I’m sure they’re still shocked about it.”

Helterbrand is also reminding the Gin Kings’ holdovers to keep it up in their bid to sustain their success in the league, resulting in more fans’ days like they hosted on Friday.

“Even though coach Tim makes it seem easy to get to the championship and win a championship, it’s really not, so cherish every time we get to do things like this,” Helterbrand. 

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