AZ Reid on decision to take last-second shot for SMB: 'What do we need a timeout for?'
AZ Reid: “Blame me. I can take the pressure. I’m built for it. It’s alright.” Jaime Campos

AZ Reid stood by his decision to take a shot at a potential game-winner for San Miguel Beer against Mahindra on Wednesday in a play where the Beermen could’ve called a timeout to set up a better shot.

With his team down by just two after completing a defensive stop, the SMB import decided to take matters into his own hands, but missed a left-wing three-pointer with two seconds to go.

“I’ll take that shot ten out of ten times,” Reid said. “I just missed it. It happens.”

“What do we need a timeout for?” the outspoken American cager was quick to add. “I’m just going to take the same shot. You go to a timeout and sit down and take a break and I’m going to come out and still shoot a three. I won’t need a timeout to let them come and set their defense.”

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SMB coach Leo Austria was seen calling for a timeout prior to Reid's shot, but his players were the only ones allowed to make the call.

“If I make that shot, you don’t ask me that question, right?” Reid continued. “If I made that three, I’m the man. If I missed it, it’s the import’s fault.”

“Come on, I’ve been here five years and I know how it goes,” the former Best Import awardee added. “Blame me. I can take the pressure. I’m built for it. It’s alright.”

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Reid, however, rued some “touch calls” that he claimed went against the Beermen.

“(The game) shouldn’t have been that close,” the SMB import said. “But there were many interesting things that went on in the game tonight.”


“I can’t (elaborate),” he was quick to add, careful with his words. “I want to (say) very bad, watched the game and there were a lot of things, a lot of touch calls, a lot of little things that shouldn’t happen.”

“I got to watch my words. I know you’re going to kill me,” he continued. “Congratulations, (Mahindra). That’s all I can say.”

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