Chito Narvasa admits refs' mistakes bound to happen, but assures Finals rivals of fairness
“I’m trying to make the calls as fair as possible,” says Chito Narvasa. Jerome Ascano

PBA commissioner Chito Narvasa is reminding Finals protagonists Rain or Shine and Alaska to avoid complaining and just focus on their respective games as the best-of-seven series begins on Friday night.

Narvasa admitted the occasional lapses in officiating are part of the game and teams shouldn’t let that affect them.

“I’m trying to make the calls as fair as possible,” Narvasa said in the pre-finals press con at PBA Café on Thursday. “There are going to be bad calls and missed calls, but it’s part of the game and the coaches and players just have to adjust and move on. That’s the way it’s going to be.”

 “The referees are going to make mistakes,” he added. “I don’t know when, just like everybody. Sometimes when he blows his whistle and it’s a wrong call, I’m just as surprised, and there’s really nothing I can do – even if I agree with you.”

“The only way I can make the adjustments and corrections are always after the game,” he added. “And we’ve done that before.”

Narvasa urged the teams to just play their game.

“You don’t look for the breaks from the referees – you create your own breaks,” he said. “All I want to say really is I want to make the game as fair as possible and give everybody equal opportunity.”

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