Under-fire Narvasa explains why he's hanging on to post amid PBA board power play
Chito Narvasa: “I was prevailed upon by the five teams to stay, because they felt the rules on the policies were not followed.” Jerome Ascano

CHITO Narvasa said he is hanging on to his post until a majority group of seven teams can explain the grounds of their loss of confidence in the embattled PBA commissioner.

While he still enjoys the support of a minority group made up of San Miguel Corp. teams, GlobalPort, and KIA, Narvasa said he is willing to step down and respect the decision of Alaska, Blackwater, Phoenix, Rain or Shine and the three MVP-owned teams not to extend his tenure if they have the grounds to do so.

“I was prevailed upon by the five teams to stay, because they felt the rules on the policies were not followed,” Narvasa said on Thursday. “I’m willing to resign. Wala namang problema 'yun eh. The only thing na sinasabi nila, is, ‘Com, wala din naman problema sa kanila, we can always join them. Ang ano lang naman namin is procedures have to be followed and the reasons have to be clear.’

“They have to know what the loss of trust and confidence constituted, and ano 'yung procedure,” he added. “It could have been discussed within the board lang. why did they have to go through all this exercise, and cause public shame?”

Narvasa said he has discussed his decision with his family and lawyers.

“Ano pinaglalaban namin, 'Why am I still here?' It's a matter of principle,” Narvasa stressed. “I've always been a stickler for rules. All we're asking is we want to find out, were the proper issues followed?  If they were, then they will also have no problem in not renewing or voting to end my term.”

A two-thirds vote – or eight of the 12 teams – is required to remove a sitting commissioner – or renew his contract, the under-fire league chief insisted.

“If it’s for principle, then I must stay,” Narvasa said. “Sorry. Ang akin lang dito, I hope the board could determine really what is the right procedure so they can come up with a right decision.”

Narvasa is hoping the two groups can find a compromise, so the entire board can resolve the matter.

“These are all grown people. I’m sure they’ll be able to find a resolution among themselves,” Narvasa said. “Let’s be a league or rules, not of men.”

“I know who my bosses are. If eight tell me to leave, I will leave,” he added.

Still, Narvasa regretted being caught in the middle of a crossfire.


“I regret that this is what happened,” Narvasa said. “And affected naman ang PBA. I will always sacrifice myself for that. I’ve always thought that the PBA belongs already to the Filipino. Mahala na mahal natin ang laro ng basketball.

“But I will always support the PBA,” he added. “The PBA provides a lot of opportunities for our youth. It provides satisfaction and entertainment to our people. That's something the privilege of being here has enabled me to experience and I will treasure that. The enjoyment of our fans right now is more than enough to make up for what I'm experiencing.”

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