Asi Taulava reacts to Eric Menk comments over NLEX players' inclusion in Mythical Teams
Eric Menk's comments on the inclusion of two NLEX players in the PBA Mythical Second Team didn't sit well with fellow PBA player Asi Taulava.

ASI Taulava is obviously not happy with comments made by fellow PBA player Eric Menk over the voting results in the last PBA yearend awards that put two NLEX players in the Mythical Second Team.

In a Vlog (video blog) posted on Monday, Menk questioned the results of the balloting for the Leo Awards that led to two NLEX players - Taulava and Sean Anthony - in the Mythical Second Team in a season where the Road Warriors finished in the bottom half in all three conferences.

“What bothered me is two NLEX players were on the second Mythical Team,” the former MVP, without mentioning the names of Taulava and Anthony, said. "If there’s 12 teams in the league, and they (Road Warriors) finished in the bottom half of each tournament, how did they get two of the top 10 players in the league?”

Menk made it clear the comments were not a personal attack on the two players and focused more on the result of the voting, but Taulava didn't take the comments of 'Major Pain' lying down.

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“Nothing," said Taulava when asked what he felt about his former teammate's comments, "but I think I would pray that Alaska or another team signs him up so I can show him how much I feel. He should know that I did not apply for the award, it just landed on my lap. Me and Sean. Were we at fault?”

“I am gonna make him wish that he didn’t talk about NLEX," the 2003 PBA MVP added.

The NLEX center, at 43 the oldest player to make the Mythical Teams in the league's 41 years, said he wished Menk didn't take the liberty to comment on votes cast by PBA officials and mediamen for his fellow players.


“It was just unfair. He shouldn’t have picked on fellow players, because he should know how others might feel. He’s not even a commentator or a journalist to do that,” said Taulava.

“I suggest, if he still wants to stick it out as a player, he better stop making those commentary videos and get himself in the gym, lace his shoes and improve his craft,” he added.

Taulava later vented his ire on social media with a tweet of his own, saying he considers Menk's comments a 'low blow and a personal jab.'

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