'Dribble Drive' proponent Vance Walberg says he's more than just about offense
Vance Walberg will teach the intricacies of the dribble drive motion offense as well as essential defensive principles. Reuben Terrado

VANCE Walberg looks forward to impart valuable knowledge to coaches attending his Manila coaching clinic this weekend where attendees will not just learn the dribble drive motion offense but also sharpen their defensive strategy.

Walberg will hold a two-day coaching clinic at the Kerry Sports Arena at The Shangri-La The Fort, which starts Saturday, where he will teach the intricacies of the dribble drive offense he created as well share his insights on defense particularly the full court 2-2-1 press and other drills.

“What’s going to happen is they are learning it, understanding the little things, and when the players start playing the dribble drive, there are so many things that they can pick up,” said Walberg during a press conference on Wednesday.

“What they are going to get is not only the dribble drive but also other things that can help your game along the way, and the press which created the dribble drive offense,” he added.

While he was mostly known for the dribble drive offense, Walberg shared that other coaches in previous clinics actually liked the defense that helped make his offensive system so effective.

“The defense and the offense go together and I think more people actually come up to me that they like the press because I was always a defensive coach,” said Walberg.

The clinic organized by Hoops Coaches International and Phoenix head coach Ariel Vanguardia is still open for registration, which is P5,000 for registrants on or before June 17, and P6,000 for on-site sign-up.

“His teaching points on proper spacing, movement without the ball, and attacking defenses will be valuable to any coach in any level,” said Vanguardia.

The clinic is also presented by Phoenix Petroleum and Philippine Airlines, endorsed by the Basketball Coaches Association of the Philippines, and sponsored by RACKSports, Rhynon Outfit, Foxx International, Discovery Suites, Gerry’s Grill, Livestock Restaurant and Bar, Westports Malaysia Dragons, Blackwater Elite, Bellagio Spa, PGA Cars, Audi, Mossimo, and Swiss Gourmet.

Coaches can register at www.hoopcoachesintl.com.

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