Lyceum coach Topex Robinson cries foul over UV's rough play: ‘This is basketball, hindi MMA’
“I don’t care where you’re from, but if you try to hurt my players, you’re gonna be up against me. Ganun lang ka-simple,” says Pirates coach Topex Roninson. Clemyl dela Cruz

IT’S a very rare sight to see Lyceum coach Topex Robinson lose his cool, especially with the game already decided and the game clock winding down.

But there was Robinson, blowing his top and nearly entering the playing court as he reacted on a foul from University of Visayas’ Sheldon Gahi on Kim Cinco.

The usually mild-mannered mentor, who teaches his players about love, and honor and respect, was fuming mad and can be heard shouting to Gahi to “just play basketball” as referees tried to diffuse the situation.

The 38-year-old mentor said he was merely crying foul to the way some Green Lancers tried to intentionally hurt his players.  

“Kanina pa sinusumbong ng player ko e. Sabi ko, okay sige, laro lang. Pero nung huli kasi, may intent to hurt e. I can’t let that pass, kailangan ko protektahan yung player ko,” said Robinson.

“I don’t care where you’re from, but if you try to hurt my players, you’re gonna be up against me. Ganun lang ka-simple. This is basketball, hindi naman tayo MMA e. If that’s the way they play it there, leave it there,” he added.

The Pirates eventually won, 88-80, behind the tandem of JC Marcelino and CJ Perez and their gutsy, energetic plays and that’s where Robinson drew the line between his team and the Green Lancers.

Known as a rugged player himself in his days with San Sebastian and in the PBA, Robinson said there’s a difference between playing hard and playing dirty – and that honoring the game of basketball comes when you play hard, not when there’s an intention to hurt.  

“We honor the game. If the other team is trying to hurt my players I’m gonna protect them no matter what. I don’t teach them to hurt, you guys know about it,” Robinson continued.


“I don’t really advocate any, ano, kasi mga bata to eh I don’t teach them to hurt people. I mean, just play basketball. That’s not honoring the game eh. We honor the game by playing hard all the time.”





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