Ola Adeogun admits hitting Kevin Ferrer, but claims he was provoked: 'He called me a moron'
A commotion ensues after the Ola Adeogun hit on Kevin Ferrer at the end of Mighty Sports' win over Euro Med in Game One of their PCBL Chairman's Cup semifinal series. 

OLA Adeogun admitted hitting Kevin Ferrer at the end of a PCBL Chairman's Cup game on Sunday night but claimed he was provoked by the former University of Santo Tomas star who, he said, called him a moron.

Adeogun, a former star of San Beda in the NCAA who is now playing as an import for Euro-Med, said Ferrer of Mighty Sports directed invectives at him during the traditional post-game handshakes, forcing him to react.

“After the game, actually ako, it’s already done. But after the game, he was talking shit to me. He called me gago,” Adeogun told SPIN.ph, recalling the commotion that marred Mighty's 99-84 win over Euro-Med in Game One of their semifinal series at the Malolos Convention Center.

“The game is done, you won, what else do you want? He came close to me. He disrespected me. He did it on purpose,” the Nigerian big man added.

Here's a fresh video of the incident that was provided to SPIN.ph:

The hit from Adeogun left Ferrer with a cut in the bridge of his nose and caused bleeding from the inside. It also nearly sparked a melee as players from both sides gathered on center court.

The incident came at the end of a heated game that also saw Euro-Med coach Yong Garcia being ejected in the second quarter for two technical fouls and physical plays from both sides.

Adeogun didn't confirm or deny information reaching SPIN.ph that he came at the receiving end of racial slurs, particularly being called ‘unggoy,’ during the game.

[See Ferrer left with bloodied nose after hit from Adeogun in post-game commotion]

“Basta, I don’t care about (it during) the game. I just play my game. Whatever you say during the game, you say it to try to get into me,” said Adeogun.

“After the game, when you already won, you don’t have to disrespect me."

Although there is no official word from the league, sources said PCBL commissioner Joel Banal has already suspended Adeogun on the spot for Game Two of the semis series set on Wednesday at the Marikina Sports Center.

Adeogun said he is ready to face the consequences of what he did.

"Whatever it is, I’ll stand by the consequences but you don’t have to disrespect me,” said the former Red Lions center.


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