Former MBA player Maui Huelar taken to hospital after vomiting spell inside jail cell
Former Negros Slasher Maui Huelar was arrested in a buy-bust operation on Monday.

MAUI Huelar was taken to a Bacolod City hospital for the second straight time on Friday night after vomiting inside a police station where he is jailed on drug charges.

According to a report by Sun Star Bacolod, the former Negros Slashers guard and current barangay captain in Bacolod City was brought to the South Bacolod General Hospital where he is still being treated.

Just last Thursday, Huelar suffered an asthma attack but was released the next morning.

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Huelar was arrested on Monday following a buy-bust operation in Barangay Singcang-Airport. Police said they recovered a sachet of shabu and a P500 marked money from the former MBA player.

Also arrested with Huelar were Christian Joseph Mijares and Joshua Arroyo for conspiracy and possession of illegal drugs, respectively, but Arroyo has since been released, according to the Sun Star Bacolod report.

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