Controversial Rosete thrown out of UV Baby Lancers side for 'karate chop' hit
Justin Jake Rosete in a scene during the Cesafi elimination round last year when he was suspended by UV for applying a headlock on Ateneo de Cebu’s Benedict Chua. Anthony Suralta

CEBU CITY – Enough is enough.

So said University of the Visayas team manager Gerald Anthony “Samsam” Gullas as he axed controversial Justin Jake Rosete from the high school team after he was caught “intentionally inflicting an unsportsmanlike foul” on Ateneo de Cebu guard Andrew Velasco during Game Two of the National Basketball Training Center (NBTC) Cebu finals on Sunday.

After reviewing fresh video evidence which surfaced on Wednesday, and consulting with coaches and NBTC officials, Gullas brought the hammer down on Rosete in decisive fashion as the youngster not only got thrown off the squad, but also had his scholarship revoked.

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“After carefully studying the footage during Game Two of the NBTC Championship, it can be seen that Mr. Rosete intentionally inflicted an unsportsmanlike foul against Velasco, a player who had eight stitches on his chin as well," Gullas said in a statement.

"At the end of the day, I decided that there was clear intention to hurt Velasco.  First of all he didn’t have the ball and secondly there wasn’t even a scramble for anything, it was deliberately done."

Gullas, who is also a congressman, said Rosete can study at UV until the end of the school year but his scholarship will be revoked thereafter. 

“I want the public to know that Rosete is suspended and is out of Game Three of the NBTC championship. His scholarship is hereby revoked and cancelled, although he will be allowed, for academic purposes, to attend classes until March. If after this school year, anyone is interested to get him, his records will be released to any school, no questions asked,” Gullas added.

Gullas expressed his frustrations over Rosete’s actions, which came just a few months after he got suspended for the rest of the Cesafi elimination round last year for applying a headlock on Ateneo de Cebu’s Benedict Chua during a game.

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“It is very frustrating, as the team manager because I have given him too many chances to rebuild himself, make him a better player, make him a better person, and inculcate in him sportsmanship, but maybe his heart is not into it.  As the team manager, it is incumbent upon me to do what is right whether it is in the interest of winning or losing championships and history suggests that,“ Gullas continued.


“When Mr. Rosete inflicted the injury to another player, he ceased to be a member of the Baby Green Lancer. Mr. Rosete’s conduct does not reflect that of a true Visayanian. He made a mockery of himself by insulting the league, the fans and UV.” 

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