These Aklan ballers just gave new meaning to 'diving for the ball.' WATCH
A partially flooded court can't stop a basketball game played in Aklan. Screen grab from J-Crey Jacosalem Batoy's Facebook account

BASKETBALL never stops in the Philippines.

And apart from the year-round tournaments all over the archipelago, basketball junkies will find ways to get their fix of hoops action come sunny or stormy weather.

Case in point: These players from Aklan who gave new meaning to ‘diving for the loose ball.’

In a Facebook video post by J-Crey Jacosalem Batoy from way back September 2014, the 36-second video shows a seemingly ordinary game in a basketball tournament in Aklan that quickly turns into comedy gold at the 20-second mark.

The white team takes the rebound off a miss then pushes the ball on the break, but it gets tipped until the players scramble for possession, diving for the ball in ankle-deep waters.

It turns out that the game was played amidst the heavy downpour caused by Typhoon Luis, which affected most parts of Luzon and Visayas from September 10 to 18, 2014. According to Batoy, who hails from Tangalan, Aklan, the rains started pouring hard near the end of the game, which caused some flooding on one side of the court.

The video may be almost two years old but has only picked up now, and is gradually becoming viral, with 9.7K views, 235 shares, and 112 likes on Facebook as of this posting.

Watch it here:


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