No more Mr. Nice Guy as Nzeusseu, Pirates look to go all the way next season
Lyceum big man Mike Nzeusseu says the Pirates need to be more aggressive to bounce back stronger next season. Jerome Ascano

LYCEUM’S Mike Nzeusseu vowed that there will be no more ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ next season when the Pirates look to bounce back from a disappointing end to a breakthrough season.

While the Pirates have been known as a squad anchored on respect, love and inspiration, Nzeusseu knows that it wouldn’t really hurt to pack a little attitude as they look to go all the way next year.

“We need to be tough, we need to be more aggressive. There is no room for kindness from the first game to the last game,” said Nzeusseu.

“We need to play with a champion's mentality in all our games. There is no room for excuses anymore,” he added.

Nzeusseu was the second best player for the Lyceum squad in the finals, posting averages of 14.5 points and 11 boards in the two-game affair.

However, he got thoroughly outplayed by his San Beda counterpart in Finals MVP Donald Tankoua, who averaged 22 points and 18.5 rebounds.

“Championship experience was really shown in this game. San Beda was different from the elimination to the championship. They had the championship mentality, they were the better team. We need to go harder next year,” he said.

Despite the loss, Nzeusseu can still hold his head high considering the turnaround that they went through this season.

He was a part of the losing season that Lyceum went through last year and he believes that with enough experience, things may be a little different next year.

“Nobody even expected us to reach this point so for me, even if it’s a tough loss, I'm just grateful that we were able to get this kind of competition. This will only make us better, make us stronger, we need to learn and grow from it,” Nzeusseu said.

“It was a tough loss, everybody was crying but at the end of the day, this will only help us better for next year.”

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