Letran party turns somber as officials give Aldin Ayo green light to move to La Salle
Aldin Ayo kisses the hands of Letran priests upon his arrival at the party celebrating the Knights' first NCAA championship in a decade. Jerome Ascano

LETRAN has given Aldin Ayo the blessing to leave the school to take on a head-coaching job with De La Salle.

In his speech during a victory party on Friday night that took on a somber tone at the Letran gym, Rev. Fr. Clarence Victor C. Marquez O.P. told the audience that they are allowing the coach who led the school to its first NCAA championship in a decade to move to La Salle.

“Now, our triumph is tempered by tears, our joy is mixed with sorrow. Our beloved coach, Aldin Ayo, outstanding Letran alumnus, is bidding us farewell, in order to coach for another school, in another league, for reasons most personal and professional,” he said.

“And with hearts, heavy but honorable still, we will let him go, wish him all the best, keep his name in holy and grateful memory,” said Marquez.

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Marquez expressed confidence that Letran will remain a title contender in the NCAA even without Ayo.

“Of course, there will be questions, pointed and painful, sad and severe, angry and anxious. But Letran will stay the course. We will always do what is right, what is true, what is good. Let our battle cry, 'All Filipino! All Heart!' continue to ring out, with pride and passion and principled living,” said Marquez.

Despite news of his move to La Salle breaking out days before the celebration, Ayo appeared at the victory party and kissed the hands of all the priests in attendance then bared his reasons for choosing to go to La Salle.

“Ayokong magsabi ng kung ano-ano. Straight to point, next year I won’t be around. Ang dahilan, it's very personal,” said Ayo when it was his turn to speak.

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