Greenies seeing action in various preseason tournaments to prepare early for NCAA Jrs title defense
The Greenies have completed one tournament and more events are lined up to determine the final squad for the NCAA.

LA Salle Greenhills is seeing action in different offseason tournaments as the Greenies try to prepare new players for the NCAA juniors title defense.

Joel Cagulangan and Josh David will again lead the team’s campaign next season along with Jared Lao, Inand Fornilos, Nikki Perez, Sidney Masqueda, Diego Morales, Joshua Dela Cruz, Ladis Lepalam and Mark Daniel Sangco. 

Players from the training team are expected to replace graduating players Jacob Lao, Joshua Marcos, JM Pedrosa, Kairl Beljica and Albert Boldeos, according to coach Marvin Bienvenida.

“Last season, we were ranked No. 7 but now we’re expecting Season 94 to be tighter in terms of the competition that’s why we really need to prepare seriously,” added Bienvenida.

The Greenies fell short of the semifinals in the Philippine Secondary Schools Basketball Championship and are now seeing action in the Metro Manila Basketball League. They are set to play in several more tournaments to determine the final lineup for the NCAA.

“We are expecting Season 94 to be tougher and more difficult that’s why we joined season tournament like PSSBC and then next year the Got Skills tournament. Right now, we are competing in the MMBL and we’re 2-1 there,” said Bienvenida.

“I’m testing also some of the players here in these tournaments prior to the formation of the pool next year.”

A victory party for the Greenies is set on January 19 at the La Salle Greenhills football field.

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