San Beda team manager Jude Roque: 'Refs made sure NCAA sees new champion'
Jude Roque made the controversial tweet shortly after Letran's overtime victory over San Beda in Game Three. Jaime Campos

THE dust had barely settled after Letran's epic Game Three victory over San Beda in the NCAA Season 91 Finals when a tweet by the Red Lions team manager stirred up controversy.

Jude Roque, a former coach and now team manager of San Beda, posted a message on Twitter saying, "Refs made sure the NCAA sees a new champion.'

Contacted for confirmation by, Roque said he indeed posted the controversial tweet and that the @CoachJudeRoque account is his.

In a phone interview, Roque, who is also a columnist for a newspaper, expounded on his tweet, saying it was obvious the Knights got the better end of the officiating in the 85-82 overtime victory in Game Three.

"I think it's pretty obvious: the officiating favored Letran," he told "Not to take anything away from Letran, they fought hard, they fought well, but I think they got some lift from the referees."

Here's the post:




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