Aldin Ayo brushes off San Beda claim of biased officiating: 'Okay lang, kasi champion kami'
Speaking a day after San Beda team manager Jude Roque claimed Letran 'got a lift' from the officiating in the best-of-three title series, Knights coach Aldin Ayo says his team wasn't spared of bum calls. Jerome Ascano/ Jaime Campos

LETRAN coach Aldin Ayo on Friday took exception to the statement of San Beda team manager Jude Roque claming biased officiating in the last NCAA Finals, saying 'bad calls' in the fiercely fought series went both ways.

Speaking a day after Roque claimed Letran 'got a lift' from the officiating in the best-of-three title series that went the distance, the Knights coach said his team wasn't spared of bum calls. 

“Opinion naman niya ‘yun. Lahat naman tayo entitled sa kanya-kanyang opinion,” said Ayo when asked for his reaction to Roque’s recent statements. “Okay lang, kasi champion na kami."

Roque didn’t cite a particular incident during the series to back his allegation, although a double lane violation called by the referees late in overtime worked in Letran's favor with the game on the line.

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The NCAA, through Management Committee (Mancom) chairman Melchor Divina, said they will study Roque’s comments but added it is also up to San Beda to back up its team manager's claim.

“Pag-aralan namin ng Mancom (‘yang) comment na ‘yan at kailangan may matibay kami na ebidensiya before making an action. Kami kasi sa NCAA, we don’t believe in hearsay,” said Divina.

Ayo said Letran also had complaints about officiating particularly in Game Two which the Knights lost, pointing to a crucial sequence in the second half where they believed the referees missed a travelling call on San Beda star Baser Amer.

“Sa akin naman, may mga lapses din naman sa amin. Hindi naman puro sa kanila. Hindi naman perfect ‘yung tawagan. Hindi naman perfect ‘yung mga referees,” said Ayo.

“Kami nga reklamo din kami ng reklamo. ‘Yung Game Two namin, masakit din sa amin ‘yung travelling ni Baser (Amer) na for us we considered it as a game-changer kasi nag-iba ‘yung momentum,” he added.


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