NBA pays tribute to 40-year-old Vince Carter with video of 40 unseen dunks in Vinsanity's prime
Vince Carter turned 40 last January 26 and the NBA paid tribute to the high-flying forward with a nostalgic video. AP

HALF-man, still amazing at 40.

That's what Vince Carter showed a day before his 40th birthday.

Carter turned 40 last January 26 but the day before that, the Memphis Grizzlies veteran showed shades of his athletic prime with a contested acrobatic layup against his former Toronto Raptors team no less, where he had plenty of memorable high-flying feats. Watch:

In all these years since Carter entered the league as the fifth pick of the 1998 draft, basketball fans have been treated with many aerial shows from the man fondly called 'Vinsanity.' But on the 6-foot-6 forward's 40th birthday, the NBA had a special treat in releasing a six-minute video with 40 of Carter's unseen dunks.

The snippets include “Vinsanity” doing what he does best in celebrity classics, practices, pre-season matches, warm ups, and Team USA scrimmages.

“I love to watch him dunk. And I saw him do some things this summer, people haven’t seen in a game,” said a young, smiling Allen Iverson in an interview about Carter, who is currently the NBA's oldest active player.

During his prime, the high-leaping Carter was considered one of the best dunkers not just in the NBA but in the world, earning him the nicknames 'Half Man, Half Amazing' from Shaquille O’Neal and 'Air Canada' in reference to NBA legend Michael Jordan and his early years with Toronto.

Highlights included alley oops from Iverson, his elbow dunk which he made famous during the dunk contest in 2000 NBA All-Star weekend, his ball above the head slam, above the rim jumps and his 360 degree put-ins, among others.

Some are familiar but the clip shows some true gems near the end. See for yourself.

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