WATCH Michael Jordan pays tribute to ‘little brother’ Kobe Bryant: ‘You’ve been a big help to the game of basketball’ 
Michael Jordan says he still enjoys watching Kobe Bryant play. AP

MICHAEL Jordan congratulated the retiring Kobe Bryant in a special message before the Lakers star’s final game against the team that drafted him, the Charlotte Hornets.

The player widely recognized as the best in the sport, Jordan said he considered Bryant a little brother and that he is proud of what Kobe has done, as a player and as an ambassador of the sport.

“I’m very happy to leave you this message to say how much we are very proud of what you’ve accomplished over the years,” said Jordan on Monday in Charlotte (Tuesday, Manila time).

Bryant sat on the bench as he watched the video on the stadium monitor.

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“You’ve been a big help to the game of basketball. You helped the NBA. You helped promote it.”

“I’m a big fan. I still love watching you play. I’m very, very happy for you and what you’ve accomplished within the game. I look forward to seeing what you do next. If you ever need me, you know my number. Let’s stay in touch. I wish you the best,” Jordan said.

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