Orlando Magic star Victor Oladipo goes home shoeless from NBA-related activity
Orlando Magic sentinel Victor Oladipo gave away the pair of shoes he was wearing to two fans who asked for his autograph during the NBA 'Hoops For Hunger' activity.

VICTOR Oladipo of the Orlando Magic went home recently from an NBA ‘Hoops for Hunger’ activity wearing without his pair of shoes.

Oladipo didn’t disappoint two fans when he gave them the shoes off his feet when both of them asked for an autograph during the program at an elementary school in Central Florida, according to NBA.com.

A young student first approached the NBA star and asked for his signature of which he willingly obliged.

But to the surprise of the child, Oladipo took off the shoe he’s wearing – with the nickname ‘VO 5’ sewn on its tonque – and gave it to the fan.

A teacher followed suit and asked for the same. Oladipo again obliged by signing his other show and giving it to the fan.

Oladipo ended up sending someone to his van to get him a pair of slides to wear.

"I just want to show the kids that I'm just like them. Yeah, I play in the NBA and I'm blessed with God-given abilities, but at the end of the day I was once their age,” Oladipo said later

“I had a dream to play in the NBA and I had to work hard for my dream to come true. I just came here to interact with the kids to show them that their dreams can come true too, if they work hard.”

@VicOladipo, the Magic and @outback showing Orlando some ????, teaming up for Hoops for Hunger! #PureMagic pic.twitter.com/DFP8il3ykH

— Orlando Magic (@OrlandoMagic)

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