Steve Nash lauds Durant's 'bold decision,' says new Warrior simply did what's best for him
"I think it was much a personal move for his happiness and development as it was to win,” Steve Nash says of Kevin Durant's move to the Warriors. Jerome Ascano

STEVE Nash doesn’t see anything wrong with Kevin Durant moving to Golden State and forming a super-team with the Warriors in the NBA.

Durant has drawn criticism for leaving Oklahoma City and crossing over to a Warriors side that already has two-time reigning MVP Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green, the core of a team that beat the Thunder in the recent Western Conference Finals.

But Nash, who coincidentally serves as a player development consultant for the Warriors, believes Durant just made a practical decision that gave him a chance to contend for his first championship.

"I think it's great,” the retired two-time MVP said in a press conference on Wednesday morning. “First of all, for Kevin personally, he made the move that was best for him. He saw an opportunity to win in Golden State.”

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Nash, incidentally, was part of a failed bid to put together a 'super-team' back in LA in 2013, when he joined Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, and Dwight Howard with the Lakers but never really got to play because of injuries.

He was nonetheless impressed that Durant had the guts to make the controversial decision, one that didn’t break any NBA rule.

“He had all the power to choose where he wanted to go within the rules and construct of the game and I take my hat off to him for making a bold decision,” said the 42-year-old cage great, who’s in town for his role as general manager of the Canadian national team that’s participating in the Olympic Qualifiers.

Nash, who announced his retirement just last year after a successful 18-year career that was just missing a championship, also believes Durant will be a great addition to a blossoming Warriors organization that won the title last year.


“I think, more importantly, knowing Kevin, he's a friend of mine, I think he was just as excited to be in a really positive environment, the great culture there, and a great coach who is empowering, and at the same time demanding, and I think that will bring the best out of him,” Nash said.

“And I think it was much a personal move for his happiness and development as it was to win,” he added.

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