Steph Curry's blueprint for success: 'You gotta practice and challenge yourself every day'
NBA superstar Steph Curry enjoyed every moment of his one-day stay in Manila during his Under Armour Roadshow. Jerome Ascano

STEPHEN Curry achieved a lot in the last NBA season after winning a championship and an MVP award to boot.

But that won’t stop him from resting on his laurels.

Despite his success, Curry will still go with his usual routine and tries to push his self to the limit as the Golden State Warriors prepare to defend their title in the coming season.

Curry hinted about how he goes with his shooting routine that requires him to make 400 jumpers - or even more – every training session.

“It's about repetition and how much you put into it every day. No matter how much I've achieved I feel like there's always something more to attain,” said the NBA superstar shortly before leaving the country Saturday night at the conclusion of his day-long Under Armour Roadshow Manila leg.

Despite his current status, Curry remains down to earth who believes there is still a lot of work to be done for him to continue improving as a player.

His unwavering confidence in himself is one rooted from hours and hours of focused training and preparation.

“My confidence is built on my preparation. The amount of time that I spend on my craft allows me to be prepared for whatever situation. I rely on my work ethic a lot to prepare myself for whatever may come my way,” he said.

Pressed for a blueprint for his success, Curry said it all starts from within and taking on the challenge to rule one's self.

“You gotta practice and challenge yourself every day. Challenge yourself to believe in yourself. A heart and a mind that believes you're gonna be successful no matter what," he stressed.

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