WATCH Steph Curry hopes children emulating his style and mannerisms are working on their game, too
Stephen Curry's mouthguard just seems to pop out of place every time. AP

STEPHEN Curry is glad to be an influence to the next generation, and says emulating players' style and mannerisms is also okay, as long as they work on their game.

Curry says signature moves are fun, admitting that as a boy he enjoyed doing Alonzo Mourning’s armband routine — the Miami Heat great would brush his band over his chin and forehead.

“It was pretty fun, it was me and my brother’s favorite thing to do,” said Curry.

Curry is glad children are emulating his moves but the MVP says they should focus more on the game.

“Hopefully it means they’re working on their game, trying to improve so…

“As long as they try to emulate what I do on the court, as long as they’re putting in the time to work on… improving their game, I’m all about it,” says Curry.


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And here’s a video of fifth grader Noah Cutler doing his Stephen Curry impression, not the moutguard munching but serious dribbling skills 

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