Where's Riley? Steph Curry hopes to bring along adorable daughter in possible Manila comeback
Steph Curry hopes to bring along adorable daughter Riley with him when he returns for another visit in Manila in the future.

APART from his charisma and basketball skills, one other thing that makes Steph Curry adorable to fans is her daughter Riley, who he usually brings along with him in post-game conferences.

Unfortunately, the NBA superstar was without his beloved 3-year-old child in his one-day visit in Manila for the Under Armour Road Show on Saturday.

“I wish I could’ve, but she’s in school,” Curry said of Riley, the older of the Golden State Warriors guard's two daughters, the other being new-born Ryan Carson.

But following the reception he received from Filipino fans, Curry hopes to be back next year with her daughter.

“After I tell them (family) about my trip, I don’t think I’ll come back without them.”

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